Japanese Paste-Resist Dyeing · Katazome

Maiwa Handprints on Granville Island in Vancouver, has a Katazome manual.

To obtain fine stencils, the paper for them must be prepared in a special way in order to minimize shrinkage or stretching during the printing operation. This paper is made form two or three layers of the highest quality washi which are laminated together with persimmon juice – kakishibu. This juice is made from fermented bitter persimmons kept in a vat for several years to extract the maximum tannin content possible. The laminated sheets are dried in the sun and then smoked in a kumenjo, a special smokehouse where sawdust is burned to produce a dense smoke. The smoking process lasts a week to ten days during which the resin the smoke will adhere to the paper. This process of painting with the kakishibu juice, drying in the sun and then smoking is repeated many times over a period of six months. Eventually the persimmon tannin turns a deep brown color, and the paper becomes waterproof and extremely strong and durable.


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